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My forefathers have been in the business since 1950 and with the blessings of ALLAH, our family’s third generation is now in the business as well.
Our forefathers initiated this project with the true spirit of HALAL business and we strive to continue the same in the upcoming future.
Our brands, AME & SCHEIN, have successfully been progressing since we initiated business in the U.A.E. in 2004 and I am eternally thankful to ALLAH for gracing us with His blessings in our success.
I would especially like to thank my family, who have contributed their tireless efforts to help grow this business on daily basis. I am also thankful to our senior management, team members and employees for their great efforts and teamwork. My team and I appreciate our customers globally for their continuous support and trust on AME & SCHEIN’s brands. AME GROUP will always strive to produce best quality products in the best interest of our customers particular and for all humans in general. I foresee Insha’Allah the AME Group will flourish in future as major player in the business in MENA region and will expand globally.

Dr. Muhammad Tayyab Mustafa
Dr. Muhammad Tayyab Mustafa

C.E.O., AME Group


AME Group is a group of multinational companies globally whose head office is based in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) since 2004.
It is the parent company for AME Worldwide and other sister companies. Our business activity was started with very small office in Sharjah, U.A.E. and today we have established business presence across the MENA Region.
In total, AME Group operates three cost centres worldwide. Apart from its USA office, AME Group owns Almania Drugs Store - UAE & Almania Medical Equipments – Pakistan.
In 2018 AME Group inaugurated its first manufacturing site for Hospital Apparel & Linens.
In 2019, the company will expand its activities to the Hotel & Hospitality industries as well.
AME Group owns the trade marks for brands AME, SCHEIN, ECLAT et Beaute & various other brands which are mentioned below:


AME Brand Comprises Medical Equipment, Instruments, Medical furniture, Medical Apparels etc… and the range of products is expanding since we started the business in 2004.

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SCHEIN brand comprises of Cosmetics, Skin care, Skin treatments and the brand is expanding since we started in 2016. Many new categories are planned under the SCHEIN Brand in coming years.

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We offer an almost 1 year guarantee on almost all our products (excluding some equipment). We also guarantee that our products are manufactured with the highest quality standards like the ISO and CE mark. With manufacturing sites of the best standards, we can ensure that you will never have a complaint from our products!
Fast Delivery
Due to the wonderful location of our offices in the Middle East, we are able to provide fast and timely delivery to all our customers, distributors and sub distributors. We have the advantage of catering to large orders or even single customers there by providing faster delivery. We also provide the option of shipping, air cargo or road delivery as well!
After Sales Service
Being in the Health care industry means that first priority is always the patient/customer. Hence it is always our priority to provide the best after sales service possible, with the utmost "Care". We go out of our way to make sure our customers are comfortable with the product. Customers are free to write to us with any inquiries, if they have any We make sure to answer all queries within 12 working hours! You may also visit our offices or request us to visit your pharmacy or institution for business as well.