AME-BFA 9028

Project Description

AME, Body, Fat, Monitor

The AME-BFA 9028 is a uniquely designed Body Fat monitor. It includes a wide variety of features that sets this product apart. It is part of our NEWLY LAUNCHED series for better everyday health.


1) Safe, bioelectrical impedance-analysis w/ 4pcs Stainless steel footplate

2) A tempered 6mm glass platform embraced in plastic frame for more safety

3) Simple and comfortable operation w/ 3 touch buttons

4) Large 1.7” LCD, easy to read

5) 4 sensor high accuracy technology

6) Weight Capacity: 150kg

7) Weight Division: 100g

8) Kg/lb conversion

9) Multiple features: Weight, Body fat, BMI, Visceral fat

10) Determination of Body Fat w/ Low, Normal, High and Higher 4 levels, BMI w/ Low, Normal, High and Higher 4 levels, Visceral Fat w/ Normal, High and Higher 3 levels

11) Display of Body Fat percentage 5.0-50.0% w/0.1% increments, BMI 0-150.0 w/0.1 increments and Visceral Fat level 1-9 levels w/1 level increments

12) Stores the personal data of up to 4 persons and 1 Guest mode

13) Last one memory for each person

14) Power: 4 replaceable 1.5V AAA batteries exclude

15) Scale dimension: L 292* W 217* D 27 mm

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